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APEX Foundation was established in pursuance with the Government of India's policy to increase the Gross Enrollment Ratio (GER) with the help of private participation in the Education sector. The Management at APEX brings in the expertise of successfully running an educational Institutions – Bangalore (Karnataka) and Amritsar(Punjab), a renowned private education conglomerate. Fortunate to be led by some of the best minds from the fields of Education and Technology, APEX Foundation is a partnership of ten further and higher education institutions that are committed to helping people make changes in their lives through getting a better education.

  APEX FOUNDATION is a wholly charitable Trust in India with over reaching goals to create and sustain initiatives to contribute to social justice, equity, humanity and sustainable society.  

The foundation’s work is aimed at enriching and enhancing the capabilities of individuals, groups and institutions to achieve well being and harmony in a socially and culturally diverse democratic polity.  

The APEX FOUNDATION was instituted in January 2007 to make significant and long term contribution to national development. For this, it identified “Education” as the primary domain of work because of the direct impact and the large positive multiplier effect it has on different aspects of development – economic, social & cultural development and the attainment of promise enshrined in our constitution.

The strategy of the APEX FOUNDATION is to address inter-related domains while keeping education as a core area of focus. The foundation does this through integrated approaches that deeply complement each other and contribute to dynamic strategic response.

Our Aims
APEX Foundation made a commitment to:

  • encourage and support students into and through further and higher education
  • make higher education more accessible to people no matter what their circumstances
  • take education closer to where people live and work
  • provide a better service to the community
What we do
The APEX Foundation is working hard to widen participation by:
  • supporting the development of programmes that are relevant to people in India
  • supporting the development of systems between colleges to assist progression from further to higher education
  • supporting the development of flexible learning opportunities so people can access learning from home, from within their own communities or from the workplace
  • promoting the benefits of learning and ways of accessing that learning
The APEX FOUNDATION aspires to have a significant, nationwide impact on the quality of education in India and we have established robust institutional structures to make this happen.
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